Stella Polaris Photo Group is an internationally oriented group of Nordic photographers, which aims to develop its members photographic skills through participation in national and international competitions, workshops, exhibitions and work towards achieving photographic distinctions in FIAP, PSA, NFFF and other international organisations.

The group meets a couple of times each year to exchange photographic experience, learn new techniques and get comments on their portfolio. Group members have a combined total of more than 54,000 accepts and 7,200 awards including 128 FIAP Blue Pins. Membership is by invitation only.

Members are Wenche Aune N, June Grønseth N, Ole Suszkiewicz DK, Jan-Thomas Stake S, Roald Synnevåg N, Mats Grimfoot S, Arne Bergo N, Nils-Erik Jerlemar S, Leif Alveen DK, Pekka Salminen SF, Søren Skov DK, Göran Zebühr S, Benny Rytter DK, Göran Gärberg S, Atle Sveen N, Bjarne Hyldgaard DK.

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